Mr. Sumit Pandey


"As professionals, it is very important for us to understand that, an operation can act as a light in a tunnel, a strategy can act as the light at the end of the tunnel but, only through proper management can we be the train engine that can move forward and take everyone with it in the light."

Mr. Sumit Pandey, a management graduate whose passion and profession revolves around business management.

His career in business management is an on-going roller coaster ride that started after completing MBA and went through 12 years of versatile experience with stints in different domains and verticals, for different organizations. It helped him become a learner through experience in business management. His achievements are remarkable and one of the significant achievements in his career history is the successful execution of several government contracts to meet the expectations and project goals.

Kuldeep K. Dubey

Executive Director

Kuldeep is a versatile genius with interest in Science, Humanities and Social Sciences. He holds an MA in History from Agra University, a Master of Social Work degree and an M. Phil in Social Work with specialisation in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management. He also holds a diploma in Electronics and Tele-communication.

Kuldeep worked in the Indian Air Force for 8 years and took voluntary retirement to pursue his passion for higher studies, business and social service. He also worked as Manager, Human Recourses in DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd for 3 years. Besides, he has established a milk cooperative in his home district to create economic opportunities for the rural areas. He has led various civil society initiatives to eradicate social evils and promote the cause for a just society.

Kuldeep is a result-oriented professional who is driven by an urge to manage costs and establish strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships with users, vendors, and service providers. He is adept at creating strategic alliances with organization leaders to effectively align with and support key business initiatives. He excels at building and retaining high-performance teams by hiring, developing, and motivating skilled professionals.

During his professional career spanning 3 decades in various capacities, he has been responsible for operational planning, human resources, financial, advocacy and risk managementfunctions.He is motivated to lead and influence our organisation towardsfavourable growth, and to design and direct strategies that support and enhance our organisational operations.Managing company assets,optimizing financial operations, providing leadership to all staff,establishing business goals,ensuring tax and statutory compliances,advising the board of directors on organisational activities,overseeing and streaming daily operations,improving staff performance, and executing special business projects etc are some of the responsibilities that he takes care of.

Ms. Renu Chaturvedi


"Hope of a change in current situations for human development is what drives me to be the change."

Ms. Renu Chaturvedi is known for her optimistic and enthusiastic approach towards professional happenings.

She had started her venture in the corporate world after completing her MCA from IGNOU. Her inquisitive nature and energetic approach to learning new things paved her way in the fiercely competitive business world.

Ms. Astha Pandey


"I think we as people are prone to think about tomorrow as a better day, but I believe that for a better tomorrow we first need to make our today better by working and achieving more and more."

Ms. Astha Pandey, a born achiever who has been a mentor for many.

She has done Master of Computer Applications from Vanasthali University, Jaipur and has worked with big names such as Hewlett-Packard. Her desire of building a better tomorrow using her knowledge, talent, skills, and hard work is the key to her success over the years and the rich experience she has gained from different experts in the industry.

Ms. Vartika Sachdeva


"The only tool we need in life is hope, once we have this life changing tool with us, we can easily help our fellow people in advancing towards a healthy tomorrow."

Ms. Vartika Sachdeva, a leader known as a practitioner of the art of professionalism.

She had dived into the vast ocean of business management and development after completing her M.Com from IGNOU. Her interest of achieving the unexpected and giving the best possible outcome to the World is her key to success. She is one of the brilliant minds who are working hard to create a culture of understanding and respect in the organization.