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Healthcare is vital to all of us. For some people, it is vital some of the time but for us, at MLB Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., it is vital all of the time. The reason being our focus on public health. We are the "Pharmacy of Tomorrow" and our only objective as a company is to provide value and quality. Excellence in Public Health is the biggest factor that can be used to define us. Quality of products in pharmaceutical is very important for every doctor and we believes same to serving the nation with quality products is our goal, and reaching to every patient who needs quality medicines is our dreams.

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Company was founded by scientists dedicated to create new therapeutics.

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We Interrogate the inner life of GPCR signaling to develop newest therapeutics.

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We focus on core competencies and its many years of experience. We thus hold a leading position in many therapeutic fields: for instance in the treatment of hemophilia and multiple sclerosis, in contrast media and oral contraception. We are also striving for such a leading position in oncology.


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